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Sourcemaker Hybrid 24v or 12v LED Ribbon (5m Reel)

Sourcemaker’s LED ribbon is the perfect building block for set lighting technicians. Used in our popular blanket kits, Sourcemaker ribbon provides high output, low power, color correct LED light. Each ribbon strip is able to achieve a wide range of clean color temperatures, ranging from 2675K-6010K. Our LED ribbon comes in 5m rolls or encased in a life extending highly durable plastic. Sourcemaker makes available a variety of connection solutions allowing for a wide range of individual light sources.

Have questions about lighting with LED ribbon? Our experienced staff can assist you in finding an efficient, cost-effective package of power supplies and dimmers that perfectly fit your application.

  • Cinema quality High CRI (95+)

  • Color balanced (No magenta or green spike)

  • 120 Diodes per meter of ribbon

  • Available in 12v or 24v

  • Modular ribbon that can be DMXed to create larger sources

  • Sealed and secured individual ribbon strips available

  • 3M adhesive backing for secure installation

  • Custom lengths available upon request

For high volume or custom lengths call 1-800-930-3944 or email

: $169.95
4' x 4' High Output Hybrid, Daylight or Tungsten

When maximum light in the smallest area is a must, Sourcemaker High Output LED Blankets are the filmmakers choice. Sourcemaker’s LED Blankets are an all-in-one lighting solution that sets up easily and adjusts fast. Our blankets are among the most versatile lighting options in the industry. Each blanket uses color correct LED ribbon to achieve a wide range of clean color temperatures, ranging from 2675K-6010K. Each LED ribbon strip is encased in a life extending highly durable plastic and can be removed from the blanket. With the included harness, each strip can be used separate from the blanket as an individual light source.

Sourcemaker LED Blankets are ideal for difficult, hard to light areas. All blankets are modular, and can be attached to each other and DMXed to create larger sources.

Sourcemaker LED blankets come in various sizes, and are designed to fit inside standard grip equipment. Accessories are available, including diffusion, skirts, mounting brackets and snapgrids.

  • Cinema quality LEDS (95+ CRI)
  • Twice as many LED strips as standard LED Blanket
  • Fast all-in-one-setup
  • Combine multiple blankets
  • Sealed and secured individual ribbon strips
  • Swap colors in the same blanket fixture
  • Lightweight, roll up design
  • Grommets and velcro system to mount anywhere
  • Easy to ship and store - Can fit in carry on luggage
  • Optimized for Sourcemaker dimming products
  • Custom sizes upon request


  • “I can't imagine doing a project, no matter what the budget, without Sourcemaker LED Blankets.”

    Robert Sciretta, Gaffer
  • “Sourcemaker Hybrid LED Blankets were very effective, and I used them quite a bit while filming Passengers”

    Rodrigo Prieto, Cinematographer
  • “Sourcemaker LED Blankets have become staples of our set lighting packages.”

    Joe Grimaldi, Gaffer

Tech specs

Photometric Specifications

Series Kelvin CCT
cri F.C./
4’ X 4’ Tungsten 2675 95 1329.4 fc/
14309 lux
920.4 fc/
9907 lux
578.9 fc/
6232 lux
379.6 fc/
4086 lux
267.6 fc/
2881 lux
192.9 fc/
2077 lux
Daylight 6010k 95 1510.3 fc/
16256 lux
1035.1 fc/
11142 lux
651.2 fc/
7 7009 lux
430.3 fc/
4632 lux
301.1 fc/
3241 lux
301.1 fc/
3241 lux
Hybrid 4053K 95 1464.2 fc/
15761 lux
953.7 fc/
10265 lux
600.9 fc/
6468 lux
399.6 fc/
4301 lux
282.6 fc/
3042 lux
207.6 fc/
2235 lux
High Output
4' x 4'
Tungsten 96 2039.8 fc /
21956 lux
1290.6 fc /
13892 lux
869.7 fc /
9362 lux
608.4 fc /
6549 lux
434.1 fc /
4672 lux
314.9 fc /
3389 lux
Daylight 93 2487.1 fc /
26771 lux
1715.5 fc /
18466 lux
1228.7 fc /
13226 lux
742.9 fc /
7996 lux
530.1 fc /
5706 lux
382.5 fc /
4117 lux
Hybrid 94 2897.4 fc /
31187 lux
1859.2 fc /
20013 lux
1130.4fc /
12168 lux
782.4 fc /
8422 lux
531.7 fc /
5723 lux
399.5 fc /
4300 lux
Mechanical and Electrical Specifications
Series Height
(v dc)
@ 120V
Watts led
4’ X 4’ 46.75 1187.45 42.75 1085.85 0.9 23 4.5 24 22 3.5A 460 3600
High Output
4' x 4'
46.75 1187.45 42.75 1085.85 0.9 23 8 24 44 920 7200


Sourcemaker’s blankets use a specially designed, low-profile frame and diffusion system with the exact depth needed to achieve a smooth, non-specular source that’s desired by today’s film professionals. All blanket sizes can utilize standard grip frames and mounting hardware.

Sourcemaker Dimcase Mini

The Sourcemaker Dimcase Mini is an all-in-one LED dimming controller designed to run a 4’ x 8’ Hybrid LED blanket. Built into a robust rolling case with telescoping handle, the Dimcase is the perfect set-ready tool for all RGB + Hybrid LED ribbon and blanket products. The included high-frequency DMX decoders help achieve smooth and consistent dimming at all points in the dim curve and each Dimcase can be configured for multiple channel dimming applications. Able to power 50A of LED Ribbon, the Dimcase can be used to control large quantities of ribbon over multiple channels.

  • Easy DMX addressing via digital display
  • 50A capacity - 8 channels x 6.25A @ 24v
  • Can control (1) 4x8, (2) 4x4 or (4) 2x4 blankets independently
  • Optional breakouts available for endless applications
  • Robust rolling case with telescoping handle

: $3,399.95
Hybrid LED Tube - 2ft & 4ft

2' and 4' LED Tubes

: $149.95
30A 12v/24v LED Dimmer

The Sourcemaker 30A dimmer provides flicker free control on our high CRI LEDs. Our precision dimmer provides for low end control while keeping consistent color. It quickly connects to our 24v power supply and can be controlled by hand or DMX. You can daisy chain multiple dimmers to control larger light sources.

  • Smooth - accurate - flicker free
  • Pinpoint low end dimming
  • Independent daylight/tungsten adjustment
  • Local or dmx control
  • 12v or 24v compatible
  • OLED digital display
  • Silent operation
  • Rugged enclosure

: $159.95
Kino Retrofit System

Sourcemaker's Hybrid LED tubes are the ideal retrofit to bring life back to any Kino fixture. Our dual driver system gives you independent control of the daylight and tungsten channels, enabling you to dial in any high CRI color temperature between 2800K and 6100K. Our Kino LED retrofit kit comes complete with all necessary bulbs and adapters. Simply swap the bulbs, take the florescent ballast out of line, and use your existing fixture, electrical harness and header cable with the provided Sourcemaker adapter. Use any standard 110v, two channel triac dimmer on set, such as ETC or RatPac to achieve smooth, low-end dimming. Inline dual channel hand squeezers are available for a quick setup option.

*** Call or email us for volume pricing on multiple retrofits for your entire Kino package***

  • Uses existing fixture, electrical harness and header cable
  • Independent control of daylight and tungsten channels
  • Most efficient bi-color tube on the market @ 104 lumens per watt
  • 95+ CRI
  • Full triac compatibility
  • Diffused, half diffused and clear lens options available
  • ETL approved for plug and play applications

Tech Specs

Fixture Bulbs Included Adapters
4 x 4 (4) 4' LED Tubes 16-pin to Dual Edison
4 x 2 (2) 4' LED Tubes 9-pin to 16pin + 16-pin to Dual Edison
4 x 1 (1) 4' LED Tube 4-pin to 16pin + 16-pin to Dual Edison
2 x 4 (4) 2' LED Tubes 16-pin to Dual Edison
2 x 2 (2) 2' LED Tubes 9-pin to 16pin + 16-pin to Dual Edison
2 x 1 (1) 2' LED Tube 4-pin to 16pin + 16-pin to Dual Edison

: $299.95